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Improving Access to Road Closure Information

Road closures impact both the general public and other departments, but information about road closures is not always easy to share, especially daily closures that are scheduled on short notice. Improving access to road closure information is a good public service, but it is also critical for departments like E 911 that require latest information to route responders effectively. One option for improving how daily road closure information is made accessible to the public and distributed to departments that depend on it, is to integrate daily road closure data and workflows in FetchGIS.

In Midland County, the Road Commission is doing just that. The Midland County Road Commission FetchGIS will include layers for the long-scheduled road construction projects, but also include daily road closure information. The daily road closures will be visually represented on the map and include information similar to the road construction projects layer like duration, type and notes about the closure. From a workflow perspective, the daily road closures will be mapped in FetchGIS by Midland County Road Commission staff and include entering attribute information about each closure.

Once mapped, the daily road closure information will be available on the Midland County Road Commission FetchGIS for the general public and other departments to view. The daily road closure information will also be shared by the Midland County Road Commission on social media, email and other media using the Share Map option in FetchGIS to direct audiences to the closures in FetchGIS. Internally, the daily road closure data will be distributed each day to Central Dispatch and other departments so these departments can efficiently integrate the data with their existing services.

The Midland County Road Commission FetchGIS is one of three Road Commission FetchGIS services being developed, including Bay County and Saginaw County. To learn more about the Road Commission FetchGIS services contact us.

Managing Document Linking In FetchGIS Portal

Do you have site plans, forms or pictures that you would like to be accessible in FetchGIS? Document linking is a convenient way to make PDFs, images and other media accessible using a simple hyperlink as an attribute in any feature, that when selected by a user in FetchGIS opens the corresponding linked document. Examples can include public facing linked documents, such as a reservation form for a park facility, or include private data such as document links for site/project plans linked to storm water, onsite wastewater, roads or other features.

How does FetchGIS Portal come into play? FetchGIS Portal, available to anyone on the new FetchGIS Platform, makes it easy to update any map layers used in a FetchGIS service, including those that contain hyperlinks, and it can be used to manage any of the linked documents. So, if you have a map layer that is updated frequently, you can use FetchGIS Portal to update that map layer as often as you need. And the same is true for the linked document itself, simply login into to FetchGIS Portal to manage any existing linked documents or upload a new one. FetchGIS Portal gives you control over both the update frequency and the linked documents themselves.

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