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New - FetchGIS Portal

Now there will be a better way to manage data with the new FetchGIS Portal. FetchGIS Portal is designed to be an administrative tool used by clients and our team, initially offering improved management of GIS data available in FetchGIS services, including the new Environmental Health service, and introducing options for managing user access.

Some key features are listed below:

  • Update existing FetchGIS GIS map layers (parcels, addressing, zoning, etc.)

  • Download GIS data from a FetchGIS service, for example download layers where spatial or attribute edits are made in the Environmental Health service (septic tanks, wells, drain fields, etc.)

  • Assign login credentials for:

    • Sub-users in organization to update/download GIS data in FetchGIS

    • Private layer access

    • Data authors in Environmental Health FetchGIS service

Future revisions of the FetchGIS Portal will provide the opportunity for clients to manage linked documents, add site updates and more. FetchGIS Portal is now in beta release with a broader rollout planned for Q4 2016.

FetchGIS Migrations

We have started the process of moving clients to the latest version of the FetchGIS platform and expect this work to be completed by Q1 of 2017. If you have any questions about the transition or the new FetchGIS platform feel free to get in touch.

To take a closer look at the new FetchGIS platform visit one of the FetchGIS services below:

Bay County/Bay City FetchGIS 

Clinton County FetchGIS 

Field Applications & Data Authoring

We are getting a number of questions and interest regarding FetchGIS for field applications and data authoring. To help familiarize everyone with the work we are doing on this front we put together a list of key features built into the Environmental Health service.

The Environmental Health service is designed for field use and data authoring, so many of the tools below can be readily adapted to other field/data authoring workflows.

  • Accessible on desktop, tablets and smartphones (mobile is optimized for tablets)

  • Works with or without a data connection/cellular coverage using ‘Offline Mode’

  • Synchs newly mapped or edited features to the Cloud when data connection is available

  • Provides advanced mapping tools for creating and editing features

    • Feature snapping

    • Map lines and polygons using Bearing/Distance or Polar Angle/Distance

    • Draw Parallel or Perpendicular to other features

    • Square and finish polygons

    • Map fixed rectangle

    • Data input and attribute editing

  • Uses device GPS or external GPS like Garmin Glo units to create new features (points, lines and polygons)

  • Data access to be provided through Fetch Portal

If you are interested in testing any of field workflows and data authoring tools in the Environmental Health service get in touch. We can demo any of the field/data authoring workflows or you can test on your own.

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