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Next Generation FetchGIS

As many of you know our FetchGIS platform is being upgraded due to changes in the technology supported by web browsers and industry GIS software. These changes will render Flex and Silverlight generation Map Services obsolete, including API support from ESRI. To be clear, these changes will affect not just Amalgam and our clients, it is an industry wide shift that impacts anyone who developed map services using the popular Flex and Silverlight APIs.

The good news is that we started transitioning to a new technology platform, supported by all browsers and ESRI, last summer and have made great progress in updating and revising FetchGIS. The transition also provided opportunities for us to refine and introduce many new features on the front end and back end that improve the user experience, introduce development efficiencies and provide enhanced management/maintenance opportunities. In short we improved the entire FetchGIS technology stack.

We have provided a link to the Bay County/Bay City FetchGIS site below for anyone who wants to test out the new platform. The list below includes some of the major updates completed with others planned for the future.

Bay County/Bay City FetchGIS 

  • Based on the industry leading ESRI ArcGIS framework

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript supports desktop, tablets and smartphones

  • New Cloud servers on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

  • Integrated Map and Land Information Service

  • High quality printing and PDF generation

  • Improved search efficiencies with paged results

  • Access recently viewed search results

  • Advanced drawing/graphic markup tools

  • Historic imagery layer swipe tools

  • Feature mapping and editing options

  • Offline environment tools for field applications

Amalgam On Social Media?

Since 2005 we have conducted business without a social media presence and depending on your view that is either commendable or stone age. After ten years we figured it was time to jump into the social media scene, well at least put one foot in to test the water. So we would like to welcome everyone to follow Amalgam on LinkedIn for the latest company updates and occasional ramblings about anything geospatial.

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Environmental Health Application

New Environmental Health (EH) Application launched! The Environmental Health application consolidates existing online mapping services used for site research, provides field mapping/editing capabilities for septic and well system features, enables offline mapping workflows, and builds a GIS framework for developing additional Environmental Health data and workflows. Amalgam partnered with the Midland County, Bay County, Saginaw County and Mid-Michigan (District) Health Departments to develop the application.

To learn more visit the Environmental Health link below or get in touch if you are interested in testing the demo.

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